The Mindset

Discover the Secret of Success

Every task requires some specific state of mind for optimal performance. Going through this eBook, you'll learn specific techniques to develop a winner mindset and to increase profits in your gambling.

The Holy Grail is You

You are the most important factor in your gambling success and you can create the results you want. Your success as a gambler depends on the amount of work you put into applying the principles of the eBook to your gambling. Get started now and take charge of your gambling success!

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Why most people don't gamble profitable

At the most basic level, people must gamble by processing information. Unfortunately, we're not very efficient information processors. We have a lot of biases that enter into gambling decisions. One bias in that we tend to imagine that what we see is typical of what can and will occur.

The role of money management

People tend to assume that strings of losses are much shorter than they can be. Thus, in a losing streak they are likely to risk a lot because they believe a win is more likely. Or in a winning streak they are likely to bet less because they believe a loss will occur soon.

What discipline in gambling means

Discipline means being able to control one's mental state where mental state is like the emotional context that one brings to a task. Every task has some state of mind that's optimal for best performance. There's some optimal state for carrying out each of the tasks of gambling too.

The importance of my personality

Everything we do reflect our beliefs. Beliefs are filters. You see and experience what you expect because your beliefs are filters to reality that allow you to find information and evidence to confirm them. Beliefs are concepts that help you understand things in this universe.


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